What is Tilia Pay?

Tilia Pay enables publishers of video games and virtual worlds to create in-world economies and monetize user interaction. Built from the ground up to be robust, flexible, and secure, Tilia Pay powers virtual economies of leading and cutting edge publishers with hundreds of millions of dollars in circulation.

Tilia Pay is:

Trusted & Tested

Compliant & Secure

Empowering & Impactful

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Trusted by Leading Gaming, VR & Virtual World Companies

Tilia Pay provides secure transactions at large scale for some of the Internet's biggest gaming, VR and virtual world platforms.

Second Life logo

“Tilia Pay is built to scale and already safely and securely supports transactions in the Internet's leading virtual world Second Life.״

Ebbe Altberg
CEO, Linden Lab

Upland logo

“Tilia Pay helps fulfill our promise of offering players true ownership of their digital property by allowing those goods to retain value in a fair and open marketplace.״

Idan Zuckerman
Co-founder, Upland

Sansar logo

“Tilia Pay makes it easy for us to focus on what we do best: deliver exceptional virtual events that empower partners to monetize their content for audiences worldwide.”

Sheri Bryant
President, Sansar